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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

An interactive Approach

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping

World is a Canvas

Interactive Technology

Interactive Technology

Technology that can be felt!



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Cool New Age Technologies

“Your imagination is the only boundary”
Projection Mapping

Bring alive any stationary complex or simple structure with 3D projections. Music and sound effects for better experience

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Experience multi-dimensional world while sitting on your couch. Combine your imagination with reality to bring out more out of the ambience

Holographic / Interactive Surfaces

Turn any surface be it wall, table or floor into an interactive screen. Manipulate surfaces with gestures

Digital Solutions

Combined with our expertise and your competency let us create customized digital solutions to promote your business

We really appreciated IIC lab’s creativity and enthusiasm towards our project. It was indeed a great experience for us to work with them. The VR game they made for us was amazing and immersive. We would surely hire them for our future commitments.

Mayank Kumar

In the very first meeting with this amazing company, my questions were effortlessly given solutions. Being such a critic, I was left with no doubts. IIC labs delivered a better picture of my plan than I could have ever imagined. They left the audience in awe with the projection mapping product launch.

Aditi Singhal

Ink In Caps gave us timely solutions to all of our queries and they led us in the right direction so that it became easier for us to achieve our goals. They helped us get past all of our fears and shortcomings. We’re thankful to Ink In Caps for playing a vital role in creating such an eye catching projection mapping event for our audience.

Altaf Shaikh

There was absolutely no comparison when it came to IIC as they smashed it out of the ballpark. The interactive walls they setup were a great attraction. Among all the vendors I worked with they were genuinely the best, most efficient and professional.

Dinesh Tripathi

They were always steps ahead of us. Exercising their technical capabilities with their remarkable creativity, we found the best company to work with. The interactive table just wowed our visitors. No one had ever seen anything like that before.

Harshad Singh

Ink In Caps came up with a Interactive football game that all our visitors enjoyed a lot. They all left feedback happily because of the slingshot interaction they provided us with as well. The event was a huge success all thanks to them and we got valued feedback.

Darshan Srivastav

IIC labs provided us with an outcome that we were spellbound with. Their positive outlook motivated us further. Looking forward to get in touch with them for our next Augmented Reality project. Great to work with them.

Abhishek Shikarwar

In our first meeting, we asked Ink In Caps to show us something we’ve never seen and that they did. They showed us their Augmented Reality portfolio that blew us away. Everyone in the meeting was really impressed with what they showed us. Great presentation skills. The end product helped us reach our desired result.

Akash Agarwal

We asked IIC Labs to develop an Interactive Ad for our magazine. They came up with an Augmented Reality Real Estate Ad that we really thought was innovative and unique. We will contact them for our next venture.

Simran Ahluwalia

One word to describe my experience with IIC labs surely would be “compelling”. Without a doubt I am willing to take them on for all my future projects. They understood every minor detail that I wanted to be adhered to in the VR experience they provided. And for me there is no better option than to consider them.

Pranav Maheshwari

We really appreciated IIC lab’s creativity and enthusiasm towards our project. It was indeed a great experience for us to work with them. The VR game they made for us was amazing and immersive. We would surely hire them for our future commitments.

Mayank Kumar

We gave IIC Labs an extreme deadline and they managed to deliver with flying colours.
We got really good feedback from our customers when it came to the VR walkthrough. We would absolutely recommend Ink In Caps to everyone!!!!. It was an amazing experience to work with such an energetic team.

Irfan Shaikh

Considering to work with them was one of the best decisions we could make. They accepted our last moment changes only to provide us with the best possible projection mapping event we could ever hope for. They delivered us with an outcome that suited our passion and innovation.

Gabreil Fernandes

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