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How Fortune 500 Companies Have Utilized VR / AR For Branding

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This article was created to inform the masses how massive conglomerates are using AR and VR to skyrocket sales and even get free publicity with the help of a Viral video of course. These are the companies that not only did it in the best way possible but were also so buzzworthy that they created a stir on the internet which is a hard task at hand to do in this age! These companies not only got a lot of PR but also got the recognition and admiration of their competitors. Companies like the ones below are not only seen as massive corporations but also pioneers of their respective industries.


IKEA made an application that allowed users to scan a room and add furniture in specific spots in their space they would like to see it being placed. They also allowed an end number of customizations from different sizing options to even different colors available of the said product. After your done customizing your space with their application you can easily order all the furniture and have it placed in the same exact order as you did on the app. IKEA has recently found themselves featured in a Forbes article as one of the companies that have used AR in the best possible way to promote their brand. 


Snapchat has grown in popularity over 10 fold over the past few years and the only reason it hasn’t died out as yet was that of its ever popular, fun and interactive AR filters. They also keep updating the filters quite often to keep users hooked to the application. This was one the best moves they could have pulled off as it has proved to be quite fruitful to the company. Evan Spiegel, the co-founder, and CEO, of Snap Inc, is now worth over $3.8 Billion currently in 2018 due to the success of snapchat. Snapchat has also been featured in the same Forbes article as IKEA.

Infiniti USA

Infiniti USA is a car company that mainly caters to customers in the USA. They let potential customers take their Q60 model on a virtual test drive through beautiful sceneries. This proved to be so successful that it drove sales of that particular model to an all-time high and they themselves said that it made customers want to buy the car immediately after taking the car for a test drive (so to speak). Not only did it allow customers to take the car for a test drive, but also let them customize the car to their liking and also allowed them to view the interiors and customize that as well. 


Chick-Fil-A is an American fast food chain that mainly operates in America. They have around 2200 stores mostly in the US. Recently they started a commercial that involved VR. We were directed to their site and there prompted to use a cardboard VR device to view it. It was basically promoting chicken over beef as that is America’s primary meat of choice. The commercial was funny and they got their message across too!


Lacoste created an AR application for their customers who wanted to try on different pairs of shoes from their store. It also featured a graffiti background on the floor that made it look cool!. It was fun and interactive for the customers to try the whole line of shoes that they had to offer currently. You simply have to choose the preferred gender to get started.


L’Oréal simple yet effective catchphrase that has taken the makeup industry by storm was “try it before you buy”. This really resonated with its customer base. First off the application has to calibrate by scanning your face all with the help of AR. After which, you can customize and try different products of your choosing and choose from a wide array of color options that are available. They have even gone as far as to let you take a selfie of your AR makeup and share it on most social media platforms.


Coca-Cola wanted to stir up some buzz and PR for the 2018 World Cup and considering the entire world had their eyes glued to the TV because of the World Cup they wanted to do something special for the fans. So they created an AR activity where you could share the screen with Switzerland’s  Xherdan Shaqiri and showcase their skills right next to him on the screen. Many participated and even shared their videos on their social media accounts. A virtual Shaqiri motivated fans to showcase their skills or even just be seen on the same screen as him.

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