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How Nvidia’s RTX 2080Ti will change the VR game!

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Nvidia is the world’s best (our preference) and most famous graphics card producer in the world. They are well known and basically the gold standard when it comes to GPU’s. If you’re a gamer you’ve definitely heard of Nvidia and AMD Radeon among others. These two are at the top of their industry and very well known in the gaming community.

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This company has been around for a long time and that’s because of their sheer innovation and hard work they put in year after year to churn out some of the best graphics cards in world i.e the GEFORCE GTX 1080Ti, which is currently the best GPU in the world and retails at $999 (even cheaper if your hunting for a deal). Even game developers use this GPU to make AAA game titles. No doubt they probably use multiple cards but yes it is used to produce games for a fact.

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They have even released a different version of this for hardcore gamers called the Nvidia GEFORCE GTX Titan X which retails at a whopping $1000 and above if you can believe that. These GPU’s are the used to their full potential while playing games with super high graphics that demand that kind of graphics cards to perform absolutely flawlessly. They are even used for VR applications and basically provide stutter-free surreal VR games and footage as well. The applications with these GPU’s are endless and boundless.

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Now come a new dawn and a new age of GPU’s as they have finally unveiled their new series which is known as the Nvidia GEFORCE RTX 20’s series. These RTX GPU’s are a real game-changer in the literal sense as they have 10 times more capabilities as that of the GTX 1080Ti and a brand new architecture as well which hasn’t changed in the last decade or so. I won’t bore you with the details but the previous gen high-end GPUs used to come with a staggering 12GB of graphics memory which is unheard of and most games require a minimum of 2-4GB of graphics memory you can imagine the sheer power of these GPU’s and what exactly they are capable of doing.

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In theory, this new RTX line could blur the line between the real world and VR in the years to come. So far with the previous gen GPU’s, the graphics were not only mind-blowing but they were at 1080p (Full High-Definition). In the coming years, we could all be living in a completely virtual world where you could buy a car or even order some milk all while sitting with a VR headset on your head and sitting on the couch in your hall in the comfort of your home. The capabilities are endless, who knows what the future holds. But the ball is now in Nvidia’s court because the new RTX line still hasn’t been released to the public.

As for the pricing they will try and make it more affordable to the mainstream public as the GEFORCE RTX 2070 Founders Edition retails at an affordable $599 and the high-end GEFORCE RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition would cost as much as $1199. They also have the GEFORCE RTX 2080 Founders Edition that would cost around $799 and these are the only cards that have been announced. The new architecture is called Turing and it promises seamless gaming for everyone. Now not to get too technical but the new RTX line promises to improve the Ray Tracing technology and has AI features taking it years ahead and even promises to provide 10 times more Teraflops. Now what all this means is that games, as well as VR, are gonna look a hell of a lot better than it used to. Also what this means in layman terms is these cards will be able to adjust the lighting in real time that’s it you heard me real time as in while you’re playing the game. They won’t be previously rendered but based on where you’re standing or what the surrounding area is doing.

So basically these cards are so intuitive and smart that they can predict where the light will reflect next and what exactly to portray on the screen. Let us just say that things are about to get a whole more immersive and realistic. This means that VR will be at twice as realistic (underestimating over here) as it last was perceived to be. It still remains to be seen what exactly these cards are capable of but the fact remains this is a huge advancement and the world is waiting to see what Nvidia has brought to the table.

Finally, last but not least these cards have been fitted with a VirtualLink VR connector. This is basically a USB-C type connector. So what this means is way fewer wires then there used to be to use VR as well as much better output then we are used to with the old graphics cards. The way things are heading I think our generation might get to live in a VR world where anything is possible. You’re wildest dreams can be made into reality (so to speak). This VirtualLink connector has been made especially for the big players in the industry such as Oculus, Microsoft, Nvidia, Valve and even AMD. This could change the way we view VR for the rest of our lives. The whole world anticipates what this new GPU could change for the gaming and VR industry.

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