A Trade-show is the best live medium to connect with customers and enable the conversion of customers to prospects.

The vendors are able to exercise the opportunity to interact with their target audience thus it becomes easier for them to introduce their brand existence in the minds of their potential customers. On that note, let us state few of the Do’s or Don’ts, to make your next participation in any trade-show a huge success.


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The Objective:

The presentation of your brand depends on the motive behind your participation in the trade show. Whether it varies from finding new prospects or to encourage the focus on sales or may be to leave the competition behind completely. You need to be sure of the basic reason for you’re involvement as it then becomes easier for you to draft a plan.

Be The First One to be Seen:

To make your plan work and for you to grab more foot traffic to your stall, it is necessary for you to select a place which lies at the entrance of the exhibit hall.
Such a strategy helps you get more exposure to the crowd. So to promote optimum use of such an opportunity, register first to get the best spot possible. Also, the visitors would have to pass your booth twice. Once entering and once leaving the tradeshow. This gives you two opportunities to close the sale.

Being Active is Key:

If you are going to sit and think that the visitors are going come over your stall and take interest in your product, then you might not want to take the initial step to register yourself for the tradeshow.
As a vendor, you must note that it’ll always be you to persuade the customers to give their precious time to you. So, for you to not lose your customers to that of your competitors, you must be the first one to approach them.

Wear Your Brand:

In the crowd of similar products, you must apply several tactics as well. So that you can exercise the product differentiation as a benefit of branding to stand out in the crowd.
Try to use as many things such as t-shirts, badges, pamphlets etc to make sure the public recognizes your brand. Not only that but also give out as much merchandise with your branding on it as possible. This helps the customer remember you even after the tradeshow the next time they use your branded merchandise.

Get Valuable Feedback:

A good way to get feedback and find out who actually is interested with your pitch is to implement a digital slingshot. A digital slingshot is an interactive way to get feedback from your visitors at your stall/booth at the tradeshow. Not only does it promote the visitor to leave their feedback but you can guarantee yourself visitor information a well. It is a very useful tool and can be implemented in any medium you see fit.

Have an Activity:

Now you may be asking yourself why an activity. Well, the simplest answer is you want the most footfall you can possibly get to your stall/booth in a tradeshow. So the next time you want a line spanning the entire tradeshow add an activity. Adding an activity is easier said than done. There are so many to choose from. But in today’s world it has to be technology centric otherwise you may lose the visitor’s attention/focus. The best way would be to implement a VR experience/activity. It can be a game or even just an experience so as the visitor feels it was entertaining and memorable. Most visitors usually talk about what they experienced rather than what they saw and this helps them remember your business the next time they bring it up in conversation. And isn’t that what anyone wants is someone to go home and talk about your business and spread awareness.

Trade show Don’ts

Provide Proper Information:

When you’re given the opportunity to interact with the customers who are willing to showcase their interest in your product, do not lose them because of being low on etiquette.
You should be well aware of whom you’re talking to, in respect of their full names, their interests, what they are actually looking for and how you can get them to try your products.

Body Language:

If your body language doesn’t sync with the words you say, then the chances are high you might lose your leads to your competitors. It is very important for one to note that customers observe even the minor details as they are willing to give their time as well as their finances.
For example, the words you’re using might be pleasing in nature but your body seems anxious it will cause your consumers to develop a perception about your product, that you don’t believe in your own product.

Using Your Competitors To Market Yourself:

If you’re one of those vendors who list out their competitor’s inferiority to grab a larger part of the market share, then we might tell you it is the worst way to depict your brand to the prospects. In the long run, it is going to cost you that customer and they won’t be able to trust your loyalty. Hence, it will cost you more than what you can afford and that’s your reputation.

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