Considered to be the future of technology, Augmented Reality has already encapsulated print media by implementing its scope over the usual mediums to communicate. Augmented reality, in print media, is allowing content to see more opportunities than just being imprisoned in the limited prism of the 2D world.

With the use of Augmented Reality(AR), companies are able to create an immersive and indispensable experience for the audience. Integrating the combination of print media and technology will help brands list themselves as forward-thinking.

Let us list a few ways for you to comprehend how AR can transform your next campaign.

1. Interactive Experiences

The New Yorker is a well-known publication and highly considered for its articles. It has been leading the category of print for the past few decades. But, rather than sticking to the usual it utilized innovation in the best way possible to provide its consumers with unique experiences.

They transformed the back and front cover of their printed publication with the help of AR. It brought a piece of paper to life with help of a camera on your smartphone or tablet.
It enabled the focus of consumers to feel what it was like to actually be in there. This way it was easier for the publication to engage the readers by satiating their imagination.Image result for new yorker in ar

2. Customization At Its Best

Vespa is a known brand when it comes to considering scooter manufacturers. Vespa optimized the use of AR in their print Ads to create a better lively impact onto its potential customers. Therefore, with the use of the camera on your smartphone or tablet you are able to see a live demo of the model you so select. Such a campaign engaged more leads, as well as it allowed customers to implement the changes in the model as per their specifications.
Also, they added a CTA (Call To Action) by adding a store locator that directed the customers to the nearest Vespa showroom.

Image result for vespa in ar

3. Word of Mouth

A well-known fragrance brand known as “lynx” utilized Augmented Reality to create an experience to register with the masses. It turned a railway station into a place where passersby could indulge in a conversation with a Virtual Angel of sorts all while using AR.
For this particular reason, it got everyone’s attention and it helped serve as a great medium to boosts the initial sale of their products.Image result for lynx in ar

4. Engaging The Right Audience

It is high time for marketers to understand that just a pictorial representation of the product you’re willing to offer is not good enough. It is unable to grab the attention or focus of customers in a way to persuade them to invest in your product.

With the use of tech like AR, it becomes easy for you to hold your prospects attention till the end until and unless they give a final positive verdict. Companies like Volkswagen introduced this technology into their marketing campaign so that the message they wanted to convey reached their desired demographic. They created an AR application to launch their Car named Golf. Such a campaign would always be a success as consumers were able to interact with the brand personally without any involvement of a middleman.Image result for volkswagen in ar

The business world is categorised into a dynamic nature. For you, it comes in the basic necessity to understand the changes and in the meantime cope with them too. 
So far how have you adapted to these technological changes and developments.


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