What is an Interactive Wall?

An Interactive Wall is essentially a giant touchscreen wall that can be set up almost anywhere. It not only engages audiences but also educates and informs them about your brand or any content you would like to display on it. When a subject passes the wall it will react with the help of motion based cameras and engage the subject throughout the whole interaction.

While most of us categorize shopping for goods as a part of our entertainment. We as customers are always encouraging brands which are able to provide us with a certain level of entertainment.

Innovative technologies allow us to enjoy getting involved with while urging us to invest our time.

Considering the impressive aftermath, most retailers are in favor of using interactive walls over traditional methods of advertising in order to create brand awareness and getting the user immersed.

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On that note, we are here to list a few pointers for you to understand and take advantage of your brands’ presence in the market.

Upgrade in Terms of Entertainment

Where customers crave elements of fun in their daily routine life, brands such as Nike proclaim their take on the use of interactive walls to promote their products to enhance the shopping experience.

Interactive walls help build a connection between customers and brands rather than focussing on the products. Also, it helps engage even the passers-by and persuades them to interact.

Maximize Sales

It is well perceived by sellers that on the basis of the amount of time spent a particular buyer is interested in your product or not. There are more chances to persuade a purchase in that scenario.

Interactive walls provide you with the liberty to emphasize more engagement with your brand and let you blur out your competitors to engage the target audience you so desire.

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Try Before You Buy

To get rid of all the second thoughts you get before actually convincing yourself to invest in a product, interactive walls lets you visualize how that particular product can benefit you before considering to make a purchase.

Interactive walls let you exercise the liberty to escape any downfalls that might occur after the purchase by letting you customize the product to your liking before buying it.

Build a Great Database.

The basic objective of marketing is to look for the needs and wants of the target audience in order to develop a rigid strategy(that would actually work!). Interactive screens help by collecting data while the customers are engaged with it.

With such an advantage it would be much easier to frame a marketing strategy and meet the needs of your target audience by creating a better shopping experience.

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Soak up the spotlight while you take full advantage capabilities. Do contact us if you are interested in interactive technologies. We live and breathe tech so reach out to us for anything!

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