It is said that the Automobile Industry will have to adopt new age tech if they want their brand to be the next big thing. This tech is set to stun and educate its viewers at the same time.

The application of such technology in the automobile sector helps customers and employees save time and energy. Sooner or later there will be no need for the customers to visit the showroom to have a good look at the vehicle they are interested in.

We are here to provide you with the benefits of this tech if implemented well.

Test drive

On the vanguard of technology, many companies have started using Virtual Reality (VR) to provide immersive test drives to their customers.

Not only is this hassle-free but this also allows customers to have a better understanding of the vehicle all while sitting at home and experiencing it. With the use of VR, prospective customers can take a test drive of a vehicle without actually even sitting in one.

For example, Volkswagen developed a VR test drive experience where their customers were able to go for a test drive and of course see the interiors of the car.

Customers also get an idea about the cars functioning and they even get to see the road from the driver’s perspective without actually being present in the vehicle.

Not only Volkswagen but also the likes of Volvo, Mercedes, and Renault have developed VR test drives for their potential customers. Do check out the Amazing VR experiences these companies have tailor-made for their customers.

Always wanted to take a test drive on Mars? So have I! BMW has taken it to another level!

Renault also jumped on board with a VR test drive of their own. Check it out!


With Augmented Reality, the inherent customers are able to change the color of the vehicle and the interiors according to their taste and specification.

Gone are the days where you have to wait for the car to be delivered and then see the final product you have chosen such as seat or dashboard colors.

BMW came out with their stunning iVisualizer application that allowed users to change the color of the car, the type of rims and even open the doors and have a look at the interiors. They also allowed users to select their desired model before they started customizing. Watch the video below!

Design phase

AR and VR play an important role when it comes to car manufacturers shaping their plan. As they are able to see changes they’ve been implementing real-time with the help of tech.

It helps them see if their plan is being executed the right way. It also allows them to reduce the time and cost involved in the process.


Many companies have started using AR while manufacturing their products. For example, one can see where exactly a nut or bolt has to be placed and with how much pressure. It can be used for the most intricate assemblies of a product with precision.

It is not only useful in manufacturing but it is also less time consuming as the instructions to build a machine from scratch are right in front of you on a heads-up display.


With the use of VR training modules employees can breeze through the training procedures and absorb that information much faster as a visual medium is always better than a verbal one.

These tutorials are so in-depth and immersive that the viewer is taught in a fraction of time rather than it taking a whole day or even worse more than that with the normal training module. This saves the company a lot of time and resources.

Tech like this can create awareness and provide safety tips to instructors/customers all in real time. It also can be used to easily teach young folk how to drive.


In this modern era if you want to be in the forefront of your industry you have to cope and adopt new tech at an early stage to prove to your customers that you are willing to change and adapt to the times. Do connect with us to implement and utilize technology like AR/VR/MR/Projection Mapping or any Interactive Technologies.

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