You may be asking yourself how the real estate sector is in the highest utilizer of tech right? The thing is realtors are always trying to figure out different ways to sell real estate. They go far and wide with promotions, events and even launch parties. To engage their target audience they always keep up with the current trends.

Nowadays all of us are always staring at our phones because it is clearly the digital age. Many people miss conventional advertising such as billboards and hoarding as they are outdated/static ad mediums. In this case, real estate developers have adopted tech in their marketing strategies which seems to be the most logical solution to the problem at hand. These are the latest trends they are using to garner the attention and affection of their target customers.

Architectural Virtual Reality Walkthroughs/360 Degree Videos

Many real estate marketing teams are using tech like Virtual Reality (VR) to sell more apartments. How you may be asking? And is it effective? The answer is they are developing stunning immersive 3D architectural walkthroughs so their potential clients can walk through a sample apartment and at the same time realize the vision of the real estate developer.

The few who don’t use this tech to their advantage go a slightly different direction. They develop a 360 Degree Video or static images instead. So potential customers can move around the same flat at their own discretion and explore the entire space. Watch the video below!

3D Projection Mapping

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself right now projection mapping really? The fact is many real estate developers use this tech to unveil or launch a new building in a stunning fashion. They display mesmerizing illusions, colors, and patterns onto their building and trust me it is quite a spectacle. Most people passing by using stop in their tracks just to absorb the eye candy.

If done right it can be one of the most amazing things you will ever witness out and about on the town when you’re just minding your own business. You would be surprised the number of times this tech has been utilized. The results speak for themselves because the social media outreach, attention, media, and PR that these events achieve are just staggering.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) if implemented well can have outstanding results for a real estate developer. The number of uses is endless and so are the ways of utilizing it. The only limitation is one’s imagination. AR can be used to develop applications that project 1/100th the scale of a building onto a phone or tablet screen.

This is a great tool for visualization and seeing one’s vision even before it’s been completed. You may add all the buildings you have in your entire arsenal to these applications. A good use for this would be giving it to your sales representative to showcase different upcoming or ongoing projects one might have in development. Another way of using AR would be AR brochures which can be quite a sight, to say the least. It will bring a static image to life all with the help of AR.

Many real estate developers even utilize it to make AR ad campaigns. For example, they would put an ad in a bunch of different papers in different languages first off. It may look like a normal ad but in reality, you have to just place your phone over the ad and it will come to life or even play some content. It all depends on when, how and where you want to utilize this kind of tech.

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There is always going to be real estate and there will always be customers who are interested. But you can’t reach out to all of them and you can’t cater to all of them either. You have to pick and choose unfortunately as to who will provide that final sale.

After all, it’s all about making that sale that’s why you put your best foot forward to achieve those goals. Every real estate developer wants that one property that is desirable to everyone but only attainable to a few.

Do any of these technologies entice, intrigue or interest you? If so and the curiosity bug is tingling then do get in touch with us and we can help you appropriate any and all of this tech seamlessly into your marketing strategies.

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