Let’s face it the retail industry is slowing down. In terms of how many people visit stores and purchase a product is quite evident. In particular, physical stores receive less footfall nowadays. Most people believe in ease of access while shopping nowadays.

So what’s more convenient than sitting at home and shopping online for your products. And on top of that, you also get better and more frequent discounts online.

Now you might be thinking that you get discounts on unknown brands. But you would be wrong because a lot of established brands offer discounts online. Particularly on giant e-commerce sites.

As for physical stores, you get discounts at certain times of the year and most of the time they are so packed with people that you rarely get what you were looking for in the first place.

But on the other hand, you can find discounts on online portals throughout the year. In fact, during festive seasons you get higher discounts than you usually would online.

This article is a prediction of how the retail sector will change in the coming years.

Store Walkthroughs

There are many stores all over the place that you might want to visit and probably are too busy to get too. But how do you know if it’s worth your time or just a waste of it? You have to just go to the store and take a chance hoping your right and you’ll walk out with a product you like.

Maybe you heard of a grand opening of a store in another country and always wanted to check it out. But you would have to be insane or filthy rich to go to another country just to check out a store.

Well in the future there will be a solution to all these problems. The solution being Virtual Reality walkthroughs of stores. You can sit in the comfort of your home probably in your pajamas and check out your favorite store while using a VR headset of course.

It can be any store and located anywhere on the globe. But you will have access to it all thanks to VR store walkthroughs. No more going to stores and wasting your time.

You can use VR to see if the store has what you’re looking for and then visit it accordingly. You can also finally check out that store in another country that you’ve always wanted to!

Try and Buy!

Almost everyone likes to try a product before purchasing it. It can be anything from a pair of jeans to a mobile phone.

But due to our fast-paced lives in the modern world, people don’t have time to visit stores. So they instead shop online for all their needs. Many people even order their groceries online because they don’t have time post work or maybe the store or the market closes before they get there.

In the future, most stores are going to incorporate Augmented Reality and develop personalized applications for their customers. The ideology being you can try the products at home all with the help of an AR application. You can basically try the merchandise without actually wearing or physically holding it!

Apparel stores will develop apps where you can just check out an article of clothing and then try it on with the use of AR. If you like the color and fit you can make the purchase from the app itself and have it delivered to your home in a few days or sooner.   

Let us also consider another common scenario. Suppose you’re already at the store and all the trial rooms are full and on top of that there is a huge line as well. In that case, why not use the AR mirrors in the future stores. So that you can have a quick look at the product you’re interested in and pick it up if it looks good on you. You can even have a look at different colors and sizes to get the perfect fit of that product.


Eventually, all retail stores will implement technologies such as VR, MR, and AR. To catch up with the current trend that online stores have started. Some stores, not all are using these technologies to their benefit and driving sales way up. After all, it is a technology-centric society we live in. So people are attracted to stores that adopt technology to make customers lives easier. Contact us now if you want to explore these technological possibilities in your marketing strategies today before it becomes a norm. 

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