The entertainment industry is changing as we know it. Most teenagers don’t watch satellite television anymore. They would rather use other mediums such as Youtube or Netflix. The internet has come a long way since its inception.

It has garnered the favoritism of the millennials. Ask any teenager about something internet related no matter how old they are and they’ll have the answer.

Ask that same kid general knowledge like who is our PM or President and they give you a blank stare and probably google it and forget about it soon after.

Different Viewing Options

Nowadays, everything is either full HD or higher resolutions such as 4K which has taken the market by storm. Due to companies (mainly Chinese) making 4K TV’s affordable to the masses. About 5 years ago you wouldn’t even think of owning a 4K TV as the cost was equivalent to that of a hatchback car. Literally, Not Kidding!

With the advancement of technology, 4K tv’s costs a little more than a full HD TV. Streaming sites as well offer these higher 4K resolutions to their subscribers but for a limited number of movies and shows.

Another fad was 3D TV’s which were trending only a few years ago. But that died out pretty soon cause it was just a gimmick to get more sales. I don’t think many people like watching 3D movies in a theatre so watching it at home wasn’t that desirable in that format. Streaming giants offer 3D formats but once again they offer very limited content.

As for the future, they will be Virtual Reality TV shows and Movies which are readily available. With the addition of a streamlined VR headset of course. Oculus is coming out with Oculus Venues which will teleport you to a venue that is hosting a live event. It can be anything from a music concert to maybe sitting and watching a movie in a theatre. Watch the video below to find out more!

Most likely VR headsets will evolve into a pair of glasses in the future. Live VR sports has got good reviews from its viewers and fans.

Live VR sports can be anything from Basketball, Football to even Cricket. It can be utilized almost anywhere. It just needs to be made more accessible to the public. Even the amount of content in VR all depends on the streaming services that offer this format.

Sports channels have to implement VR formats on to their websites so viewers can have a more immersive and realistic experience. 

Sports channels have implemented VR formats on to their websites so viewers can have a more immersive experience. There are already a few players in the Live Sports VR category such as Fox Sports VR, British Telecom VR and you can even watch the Roland Garros Championship in VR now too.

For example, suppose you could watch an NBA game at home and feel like you were sitting courtside all thanks to Live VR content.

Changing The Game

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow that just keeps on giving. There are a lot of different games out there and many of them are based on sports. Just on the top of my head, I can think of famous games such as FIFA, NBA, NFL, and MLB.

All these games are being made into a VR format because it makes them a hell of a lot more realistic. Not only are you more invested in the game but you feel like one of the players for real!

You can be the quarterback in NFL who scores the touchdown or the forward in FIFA who scores the goal. This gives users a more immersive and satisfying experience than they had before. Check out VR table tennis and soccer below!!

Final Soccer A must SEE!!


So get in touch with us to get ahead of the curve and make the trends rather than follow them. That’s what separates you from the competition. Be the leader in the industry that guides the way rather than the one that stands on the sidelines and waits for someone else to do it so you can follow suit.

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