When 3D Projection Mapping was created it was used by many brands but not yet perfected in the early stages. Sure it was a new technology and it dazzled viewers but it wasn’t as refined or perfected as it today.

Nowadays the applications of 3D Projection Mapping and the sheer quality is miles ahead from when it was first showcased on a large scale to an audience. The complex animations, geometric shapes that we can achieve now is staggering.

You can make any object look completely different than it actually does in reality. If you perfect it and put in the hard work and the time to produce something breathtaking it always pays off at the end.

That is mainly due to the buzz it starts as well as your brand or product will be spoken about on social media. Social media can really help your 3D Projection Mapping event go viral on the internet.

Here are a few ways to seamlessly integrate 3D Projection Mapping in your next marketing strategy.

Launch A New Car In Style

Many car manufacturers have already used 3D Projection Mapping to launch their new car with flair! The animations and amazing manipulations make you hallucinate almost as you feel like the car comes to life and sometimes is even moving on stage when its stationary.

Companies see their visions come to life on stage as their car is being unveiled using 3D Projection Mapping. The illusions and graphics are pure eye-candy for the entire audience.

It’s a fantastic way to unveil a new car and get your message across to the audience about the underlying premise of the car. Such as the car’s capabilities and what it has to offer to its potential owners.

With the help of 3D Projection Mapping, you can portray whether the car is a luxury car, off-road car or even a family sedan with a well thought out execution.

Unveiling A New Building

Many real estate developers think about how they can unveil their new building in a grand fashion. And quite a lot of real estate developers have used 3D Projection Mapping and stunned passers-by as well as halted them in their tracks to view the spectacle happening in the clouds on their buildings.

With the implementation of 3D Projection Mapping, one can change the structure as well as the entire look of the building with illusions projected on the building that are timed perfectly with suitable lighting conditions (which can be controlled of course).

Unveiling a new building with the help of 3D Projection Mapping helps them get the PR they wanted and make people aware of it to another extent. Also, videos of the event will be all over social media and the internet will have everyone talking about it for a long time to come!

It is not limited to a new building as you can use 3D Projection Mapping on an old architectural structure and give it a whole new life altogether. It can be anything from a museum to a castle or even a fort (wouldn’t that be a spectacle).

Launch a Product or Service

Want to have a mind-boggling product or service launch. How about launching a product that has everyone talking about it as soon as it’s been launched.

Well, in that case, use 3D Projection Mapping to dazzle and bewilder your audience. If done right it can make your audience speechless and at the same time, they would ask for an encore and be cheering because of what they just witnessed.

It can literally be any product or service as long as it executed perfectly it will definitely be buzz-worthy.  

Here are a few examples for more clarity on the same.

The implementation and applications of 3D projection Mapping are endless. As long as you have the smallest idea about what you want the 3D Projections to look like is all you need for your vision to come alive! Do contact us soon to realize the full potential of your next launch.

It can be from any sector and can also be literally anything that has a surface to Project amazing animations on it. So what are you waiting for get in touch today to unlock your brand’s true potential.

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