Product Projection Mapping



What we did
  • Content Creation
  • Projection Mapping
  • Technical Assistance
  • Calibration
  • Installation And Setup

AstraZeneca a Pharmaceutical company approached us as they wanted to launch a new medical product and they wanted to do it in style. The product would be called the TAGRISSO Osimertinib. To them, the budget was no restraint as long as the final product was eye-catching and amazed the audience at the event.


Since they gave us complete freedom and the content they wanted we decided to put on a mesmerizing show that would be tantalizing to the eyes. First off we decided to make the entrance to the event a little more visually pleasing by putting LED screens or animated standees on either side with set content on them. Secondly, we also used projection mapping to highlight the entrance of the hall where the event would be held. This projection was that of smog on a curtain that was placed by us and this was not a stagnant image either as the smog was visibly moving as well. Thirdly and finally the main event was done on a giant LED screen where we projection mapped their content onto a screen and gave the audience a show they would never forget.


The results were outstanding as we expected as the audience started applauding after the event was over. It was so hypnotic that we were even asked to perform an encore! They got a lot of positive feedback as well as good PR for their new product and if they were happy that meant we were ecstatic too! The launch of the product was successful and

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