Augmented Reality Experience


Event Developers

What we did
  • Content Creation
  • Created AR Experience
  • Technical Assistance
  • Calibration
  • Setup And Installation



to increase footfall at the event and increase their customer database. They wanted to host an event so naturally, they approached us for our technology. Together we created something special.


We thought long and hard about something unique and we came up with the Arctic World. You might say what’s so unique about that well you don’t get to see too many arctic creatures in a desert, do you?. So we created an interactive AR setup to showcase these animals you wouldn’t normally see. The parent and the kids at the event loved it and honestly couldn’t get enough. The kids had to stand in the center of the setup(which obviously didn’t happen because they’re kids and they were all over the place) and then the animals and mammals would show up on screen and they could interact with the kids to a certain extent.


The first thing parents were asked to do was sign up for their kids thereby increasing the customer’s database for the mall. Then the kids could participate in the event. The AR event brought about a lot of crowd and PR for the mall as kids were flocking to come and see various types of animals they had never seen before let alone feel like they were interacting with. A Special Thanks to Event Developers for giving us a helping hand.

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