Sci-Fi City VR Game Experience


DELL EMC Bangalore City

What we did
  • Content Creation
  • Created VR Game Experience
  • Technical Assistance
  • Calibration
  • Provided The Hardware
  • Installation And Setup

The challenge of this project was to get Dell to bring about awareness of the harm a computer can be caused due to viruses in this modern age. Computer viruses affect millions of computers every year. Without the use of an Anti-Virus, your computer is left susceptible to many different attacks and even being hacked. Due to this major concern, they were trying to make employees aware of the potential risks they may face without an Antivirus.


The solution to this was making a platform where employees could participate and learn at the same time. This was accomplished with the help of a VR game that was made by us. In this game, people were given a VR headset and a controller as well. Then they were placed in a city with all sorts of flying objects as well as “Viruses” which completely infested the city. The objective of the game was to shoot all the Viruses within the VR world designed by us and if you scored a certain number of points you would then get a prize. Many employees took part and it was a smashing success for Dell.


Dell got outstanding results with this activity. This boosted antivirus sales to about 5% and even showed the importance of having an antivirus to protect your computer as well as your personal information. Not only did this educate the employees of Dell but also helped many customers safeguard their personal information by purchasing an Anti-Virus in store.

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