Car Projection Mapping


IIT Bombay Racing Team

What we did
  • Content Creation
  • Projection Mapping
  • Technical Assistance
  • Calibration

Ink In Caps and the Racing Team at IIT Bombay wanted to come up with a new way to showcase their new racing car.As every year they came up with a new upgraded version with all new features and specifications. The car was called the Evo X. The IITian’s upgrade this car every year to showcase at the FSUK (The Institute for Mechanical Engineers) The event was naturally hosted at the IIT campus itself. We also help set up everything from scratch and calibrated all the hardware as well. We both collaborated and finally came to the conclusion that there could be one one solution to this dilemma.


The final decision to showcase the car was the use of projection mapping to ‘Wow’ the audience.This told the a story about the history, the performance, looks and even the specs of the car before finally revealing the new upgraded version of the car to the public.


The viewers thought the idea was innovative and eye catching! Lots of the media including news channels were present at this event for PR.At the end of the show we even got a standing ovation from the audience as it was quite a good show! This also stirred up a lot of social media response on various mediums.