Interactive Screen Quiz and Augmented Reality Animals


Event Developers

What we did
    • Content Creation
    • Augmented Reality Animals
    • Technical Assistance
    • Calibration
    • Interactive Screen Quiz
    • Setup And Installation

Event Developers was supposed to engage the crowd with technology to hold their interest. Without the use of stereotypical methods, it was an objective to be achieved so, we involved new innovations to create a new benchmark. Where kids differ in interest compared to their parents, we were required to help them bond while having fun. They wanted to make sure to create such an activity that would surely lead them to recall their brand in the future. 


We thought of the involvement of augmented reality to attract the crowd passing by to engage. The main attraction was the AR screens that we set up. On these screens, we displayed camels, dogs, foxes, dolphins and even seals. All these were interactive and the kids could play with them on the screen. The interactive screens helped the parents and their kids team up for a quiz session. The kids were supposed to answer a set of questions in order to receive gifts. The questions, of course, were based on the interest of the children’s choosing. While a few of the questions were off topic and you could say for engagement purposes and to promote the brand. The event enabled the parents as well as their kids to remember QNB in the utmost fun way possible. Thus, this particular event was a great success.


The outcome and outreach far surpassed the client’s expectations by making it a huge success for QNB. They took an initiative to develop a bond between the parents and their kids. 

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