Score A Goal Vending MachineĀ 


Event Developers

What we did
  • Arduino Gifting Mechanism
  • Conceptualizing
  • Ideation
  • Game development

The EMIR Qatar Cup 2018 was being overshadowed by the FIFA World Cup 2018. They wanted to get more social awareness to the masses. The activity was strategically positioned right outside the football stadium.


When they came to us they didn’t have much in mind but they wanted something related to the current football craze that was spreading like wildfire throughout the world(Due to the World Cup 2018). So we devised an activity where participants could win electronic prizes if they could score a goal in our cleverly designed game. They also offered QNB branded caps/hats as a participation gift if they didn’t manage to score a goal.


It created a lot of brand recognition for the brand as well as brought about social awareness of the 2018 EMIR World Cup. This not only generated more business for them but also helped get people to come to visit the stadium and take part in their games. A Special Thanks to Event Developers for giving us a helping hand.