Augmented Reality Experience


Star TV

What we did
  • Content Creation
  • Created an Augmented Reality Experience
  • Technical Assistance
  • Calibration

Star Plus approached Ink In Caps as they wanted to promote a remake of their show Kasautii Zindagi Kay with a whole new cast. As this shows last rendition was on air for 8 years it had to be a spectacle. They wanted their iconic rose petals and red cloth (dupatta) to be in the mix. It had to be an experience that would encapsulate the audience and make them wanting more. As well as cause a stir on the internet and be buzzworthy as well. Star TV wanted an immersive experience that would excite their fans of the show. So much so that they couldn’t wait any longer for the remake to start!


Since the task at hand was not easy we had our best minds on it. We came up with something special to stun the fans of the show and help them feel like they were apart of the show. So we came up with a Dynamic Augmented Reality Experience not like the norm which is Static Augmented Reality. This was not easy and we had to use motion capture and slow motion cameras to capture how an actual cloth (Dupatta) would fly in the wind and fall on the subjects. There were at least a 100 attempts to get it right and look realistic and make just as many prototypes as well. We pushed the boundaries and created the first of its kind in India and that was an Interactive Dynamic Augmented Reality Experience. This experience would not only captivate the fans but would also allow them to be a part of the show and feel like the leads Anurag and Prerna. The theme for the Experience was LOVE. So to encapsulate that feeling of Love we had to make the ambiance and experience have the same flow and go in the same direction. To create that ambiance there were Rose petals flying around the participants for about 15 seconds and the last 5 seconds the red cloth (Dupatta) would encompass them and not look the slightest bit odd or out of place (it actually looked like a real red cloth).This made the participants feel like the experience was realistic and immersive. After trying and testing this experience at least 500 times it was perfected to another level where it was impeccable. The amount of hard work, late hours and the amount of time implemented in this project was staggering.


The results were spectacular and really buzzworthy. Social media such as twitter and facebook were talking about the AR experience we created for Star TV. Star Plus got what they asked for and way more! The events were Multi City in three Tier I Cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. The AR experience was held on two weekends and the visitor turn out was staggering. Many fans old and new came to the event to try out the Augmented Reality Experience that Ink In Caps specially tailored for Star TV. All the participants came out of the experience feeling like the leads of the show (Anurag and Prerna) and felt the love, care and hard work it took to make the experience for them.