360 VR Architectural Rendering, Fire Escape VR


Make Real.

What We Did

3D Modelling, Graphic Design, Coding, Animation, Rendering and Application compiling.

Virtual reality also known as immersive multimedia is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment in a way that allows the user to interact with it. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create a lifelike experience—for example in simulations for pilot or combat training—or it can differ significantly from reality, such as in VR games. With the advancement in technology the consumer sector is now smarter than ever, in order to convince such consumers to use one’s goods and services we need more than just orthodox marketing campaigns. Virtual Reality is a perfect way to give a consumer an immersive insight of the products, services and also entertainment.

You’ll probably never walk on moon, swim with sharks, drive in a F1 race track, or sing onstage with the Pink Floyd. But with virtual reality in place you can do it all, you might be able to do all these things and many more while sitting on your couch. Unlike reality (the actual world in which we live), virtual reality means simulating bits of our world (or completely imaginary worlds) using high-performance computers and sensory equipment, like headsets and gloves. Apart from games and entertainment, it’s long been used for training airline pilots and surgeons and for helping scientists to figure out complex problems such as the structure of protein molecules.

Realistic Scenarios

Let it be flying in the air or diving in the deep ocean. With VR we can make realistic scenarios which your eyes would confuse for real world.


VR can help you go to places on a click of a button and a VR headset. Rome to Rio at a snap of a finger.


Virtual Reality can help user experiment in an artificial environment.

Unique Experience

VR can give an Experience that no other medium can let you experience. Neither Reading nor Photos or Videos.